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Cairns, 1992-2002, reported 2008

Cairns, 1992-2002, reported 2008

I first saw this UFO in 1992 in Cairns, then again in 1993 in Toowoomba, and then frequently back in Cairns from 1993 until 2002. It is about the length of a Greyhound bus but only about five feet high. perhaps twice as wide as a bus. It is dark grey with darker squares over the surface that seem to protrude, but are actually set into the surface and look 3-dimensional. It has no lights or windows and no landing gear. I have seen it hover about a foot off the ground with a stiff vertical movement, straight up and down. It is silent with a very faint greenish/blue glow that is only visible at close range. It moved up or down but without rolling or pitching.


Cairns, Queensland, Australia


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