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Caboolture, Sunday June 26 2005, 1.30pm

Caboolture, Sunday June 26 2005, 1.30pm

I was coming home from the Gold Coast with my mum. We were about half-way between Caboolture airport and Aussie World when I noticed a metallic object in the sky moving twice as fast as a stealth bomber, and moving in a north-easterly direction towards the Glass House mountains [I think]. I told my mum after a minute of observing it and she suggested it was just a tiny cloud, but since my previous sighting three years earlier I have been researching UFOs in my spare time and I knew otherwise. I told her that there were no clouds and it was a clear sunny day and the object was shining brightly from the sun, which clouds didn’t do. I observed the strange object for about two more minutes before it plain vanished like my previous sighting.


Caboolture, Queensland, Australia


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