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Caboolture, QLD, April 30 2009, 4.00pm

Caboolture, QLD, April 30 2009, 4.00pm

A photographer was driving north towards the Grant/Walker roundabout when he saw a silvery metallic object about 2 km away. It appeared to be 30 to 50 meters high, very small and gave the appearance of a foil balloon. He kept watching it and it was still there when he got to the roundabout. It turned and its surface became a matt grey where before it had been bright and shiny. It seemed to be moving to and fro 500 yards away. He stopped, got out of his vehicle and watched it for a minute while it was stationary. It now looked like a flat rectangle tapered at one end. Its distance was hard to judge. It moved away to the SE and disappeared over the horizon. The witness reported the sighting to the Caboolture police.


Caboolture, Queensland, Australia


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