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Caboolture, May 24 2006, 5.00pm

Caboolture, May 24 2006, 5.00pm

I just wanted to share with someone the sighting I had today. Caboolture 5.oopm, 24 May 2006, in the western sky: I was parked in a newly created estate when I noticed what I initially thought was a plane in the sky, quite close to the horizon. It was unusual however, as the white shape that I thought was a plane had two wide triangular jet-streams coming from it at the position of approximately 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock. These white plumes were quite short but wide. My mother and six year old son all saw this and while we watched it — it didn’t appear to be moving — we noticed a very bright light a little south of this. We thought it was a bright early star, and then went about our business. When we looked back at our ‘UFO’ it hadn’t moved but the light had, in the direction of the ‘UFO’, and it now had behind it two wide jet streams. These were in the position of 12 o’clock and 10 o’clock, and looked the same as the other. As we drove home, when we next got a clear view of the objects, the first ‘UFO’ also had a bright light. After that we lost our view of them to the trees on the horizon. There, now I’ve told someone. Hope this helps someone. I find it quite strange how casually all three of us accepted this UFO.


Caboolture, Queensland, Australia


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