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Byron Bay [NSW], 1998, 10:00pm [reported 2004]

Byron Bay [NSW], 1998, 10:00pm [reported 2004]

A friend and I were walking along an empty section of Byron Bay beach one evening at about 10:00pm in 1998. As far as I know we were the only two people on the beach. The wind was blowing on-shore from the bay and it was fairly dark when both of us stopped in our tracks as we spotted something unusual. Just above the tree-tops and coming from town towards the sea was a bronze coloured, sting-ray shaped object [no tail] making its way toward the ocean. I asked my friend if he new what it was – he had been local to the area for quite some years and had some knowledge of animals/birds of the area – but he, like me, had no idea what we were looking at.

The bronze, sting-ray shaped object was approximately 1 to 2 metres in length and breadth. It flew at around 10 to 15 metres above us, over the tree-tops that edge along the beach. It was travelling from land towards the sea. It had to have passed over the houses of the town to arrive where we saw it. We both watched it pass above us and disappear into the gloom of night out in the bay, heading from south to north. It produced no sound, at least nothing above the sound of the surf and the wind blowing onshore. It had no visible form of propulsion – no moving wings, no glowing engines, its body shaped never changed as it weaved its way out to sea against a head wind. I say ‘weaved’ as it didn’t follow an exact straight line to sea, almost as if it may have had a ‘mechanical’ fault and was struggling against the wind. Slight movements left and right, but generally straight ahead.

And here is the important bit, which I think all Ufologists need to consider, it had NO lights. No navigation lights, no engine glow, no searchlights – nothing. And it gave off no sound. This was a stealth machine, not intended to display itself to anyone. Thinking about it over the years I really can’t imagine why any UFO would want to announce itself with bright lights and noisy engines, particularly if it wants to observe without interfering.

The other thought I have is that this UFO may have had a fault, that’s why it was flying low and weaving a bit, and how my friend and I managed to see it. Also, it was heading toward the bay and the ocean. I suspect there was a mothership hidden nearby that this device was returning to, possibly underwater.

From the fact there was no light and no sound and no visible form of propulsion, I fell it can’t have been a human machine, at least as far as all the technology I know of that humans have made. This is my real experience.


Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia


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