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Byron Bay, 2008

Byron Bay, 2008

I just wanted to drop you a line in regards to the circles (crop/sand circles) on the beach at Byron [back in 2005]. I have lived in the local area for about 30 years on and off, and my first thought was “Oh some hippies have just carved them in the sand one night.” This could be the case. However I have a weird story about the beach in Byron. To be very clear I am not a cosmic/ new age etc Byron person. I am quite conservative and live at nearby Tintenbar.

One day about three years ago, myself and my wife were walking along the beach in Byron from Captain Cook lookout to the Pass to surf. Somewhere around the Thompsons rocks area I ducked to get under some fishing line. I thought it was odd as it is a very busy section of beach and not a good fishing spot. When I had a look around though, there was no-one fishing. I kept looking at the line and realised it didn’t seem to come from anywhere and did not have a bow in it — it was dead straight and was changing position. I thought I was seeing things so asked my wife if she could see it and she was able to describe it exactly. It was hard to focus on and kept jumping around, but it was a very very thin line of light. There were other people on the beach who did not seem to notice, including a hippy looking man with a blond beard who had a strange look on his face. His body movements were very calm however his head was sightly raised and his face was very red as if with exertion. I noticed him because he seemed to be very close t the source of the lines of light. Not much else to tell other than none of it makes sense. The original line went from the beach out to sea, and then I focused on one that was parallel to where I was walking. It was about a metre or less off the ground and about ten to twenty metres long. I don’t know whether it was the same one or different. Anyhow just thought I would like to tell someone as I thought of it when viewing the beach circle photos.


Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia


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