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Bushland Beach, June 29, 2011, 9.30pm

Bushland Beach, June 29, 2011, 9.30pm

On Sunday 29 June, at 9.30, I went outside to have a drink and a cigarette (waiting for a TV show to end). As I didn’t want to disturb my housemates with the smell (they had only just gone to bed), I went to the other side of the yard. I live one street off the beach, so late at night the stars look spectacular. So I looked up, and what appeared to be maybe 150 metres above the house behind mine there was an orange blob in the sky. I had to take a second look and it was still there virtually in the same spot. I went to sit down and looked up and it had started darting around the sky. For about nine minutes it danced around the sky and made its way up. All the way up.

I did think that it could have been a weather balloon, or a flare, or a stray fire balloon (garbage bag thing), but it darted too quickly around the sky. I have spoken to people who live around my area and they report that the saw two of these things and thought it may have been a flare, but flares act like fire works and shoot off and out in to pretty things. This just went straight up – no falling back down.


Bushland Beach, Queensland, Australia


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