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Burrum Heads 2004 [reported March 2005]

Burrum Heads 2004 [reported March 2005]

I am eleven years old and would like to report a strange being on the beach at Burrum Heads. I was walking my four year-old dog along the beach of Burrum Heads in 2004. It was very sunny and the tide was out. I was walking about a kilometre along the beachfront when I came up to a bunch of mangroves. There was a farmhouse nearby, further up the bank. My dog started to pull so hard on the lead that she almost pulled my arm out of its socket. I growled at her and told her to keep moving for I thought she was being stupid.

I looked up and there was an extremely tall being standing about 50 metres away from me. It was glowing a magnificent red and had two long legs and very, very short shoulders about 25cm on top of its legs, which were easily two metres. Its feet were pitch black hooves [the only thing that didn’t glow] and its head was a large but not very thick circle with absolutely no features or expression on it at all. I was scared stiff for a second then I turned around and ran like I never had before. I now know what my dog was trying to get away from. I have told no one of this event except my mother.

My friend just told me recently that her parents’ friend had lived at the farmhouse that the glowing red being was near. She said that her parents’ friend one day threw a stick for his two cattle dogs and the stick landed on the beach. They were perfectly fine and ran after it. They both grabbed the stick and belted towards him, dropped it while still running towards him and went mad. The white one ripped at his ankle and he had his shot gun next to him and shot both of the dogs before they killed him and his family. That was in the same place as I had seen the alien so it might be a hot spot Burrum Heads.


Burrum Heads, Queensland, Australia


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