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Burringbar NSW, April 28, 8.00pm

Burringbar NSW, April 28, 8.00pm

The object started out on the eastern horizon as a bright gold thing that looked like a star and I thought, wow, it could be Venus. It was stationary for the first twenty seconds or so that I saw it but it was way too bright to be Venus. It was sitting on the horizon in our northeast quadrant just above a hill. I was about to call my wife and say ‘honey look how bright this star is,’ but then the one gold ball of light (a bit bigger than Venus) turned into two red objects and separated and started moving. Initially when I was looking at the golden single object, it faded in colour and then came back really bright again. When they separated and turned red initially the red was barely visible, but after a few seconds, it was a clear reddish colour and quite bright They stayed red for the rest of the time we watched them.

There were no blinking lights, but there could have been more than one light source on each craft. There was definitely a red core, and perhaps there could have been lights top and bottom and left and right of each one, but it was tough to see as they were dwarfed by the core light source As soon as they turned red and started moving I call out to my wife, who was inside drying her hair. She came out and was like ‘What is that? Is it a plane?’ I said ‘How could it be a plane, their wings must be 1000ft wide!’ Then the two objects came almost together and my wife got scared.

The two objects were heading west from their initial spot in the northeast quadrant, and there was ZERO symmetry in the way they were moving – one of the red things would move down and then back up, they would part from each other and come back together, but never together as one object.

They flew from the northeast across the sky in a really odd motion, up and down, together for a bit, then parting for a bit, slowing and stopping for a bit and then moving again. They never got more than about 2000ft apart, and their altitude never differed by more than about 300 feet, and they never got more than about 30 feet apart from each other vertically. They went from the eastern horizon, to the western horizon and out of sight in about two minutes. At their closest, looking at them in the sky, it was almost like they could have only been at 1000 feet altitude, but then you looked again and it could have been 40, 000 feet. The motion that they flew in was more like a fly than an aeroplane or a helicopter but it wasn’t erratic, it was quite pretty as I have never seen anything move with that motion. It was defying gravity to some extent. Having watched many an aircraft flying over here it amazed me with the speed they crossed the sky. It was not one speed either, they were constantly speeding up, stopping, going down, up, left right.

It was really difficult to know the size of the objects, as they were so bright, it made getting definition almost impossible…but my instinct tells me they were taller than they were wide, but not knowing how far away they were makes it impossible to know a rough dimension. One minute it seemed like they were just there, a minute later they seemed miles away. This was some sort of unidentified flying object… and there were two of them! I thought it would be on the news this morning, as surely other people would have seen them! It was a clear night, perfect visibility and zero wind. I have regularly (four times in three years) seen this bright coloured ‘star’ at the same place on the horizon that this one originated, but I have never seen it turn into two red flying objects and scoot across the sky. I am VERY happy that my wife saw it too, or I could be going to see a shrink!


Burringbar, New South Wales, Australia


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