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Burpengary, Wednesday February 18 2004, 10.30-11.30pm

Burpengary, Wednesday February 18 2004, 10.30-11.30pm

At around 10.30 to 11.30pm we had just finished watching television and went outside to do some stargazing. We were standing outside looking at the stars with our naked eyes, but got the binoculars when something caught our attention. It was a star that was ‘flashing’ and we initially thought it was a plane coming on its usual flight path, but then it stopped moving and started changing colour – red, blue, green, white and maybe orange. But red was the most prominent colour. It was the same size as an ordinary star, but when it flashed like a disco light the object would become blurry. The object was not clearly outlined and at one point it seemed to be two objects, but can’t definitely confirm this. It was pulsating and seemed to be zigzagging at times within a very small area. The object was lost to view due to it fading out then becoming bright again, then fading away completely. It seemed to be heading in a west-northerly direction and when first seen the object was in the west, and at was directly under the skillet constellation and Mars, which was high in the sky just above the house. It was a clear and fine night and we could see stars and planets, and we saw one shooting star. The sighting occurred over farmland towards Mt. Mee/Oceanview range. We’ve never seen anything like this and we’ve lived in the area for ten years. We’ve seen the shuttle, the old space station and satellites and we know what they look like. This has us stumped.


Burpengary, Queensland, Australia


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