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Burpengary, Queensland, Saturday April 21 2007, 7.00pm

Burpengary, Queensland, Saturday April 21 2007, 7.00pm

My wife and I were on our way out this evening in two separate cars when we saw something very strange and big in the sky. It was approximately 7.00pm. We were approaching the corner of Fleet St and Uhlman Rd when we saw the UFO in the sky. It was very big like a football field, hovering on top of the trees. It seemed very close, but I knew that it was far away. The shape was oval, and the craft had white light on top and red light on the bottom. I felt that some one was watching us. The UFO stayed still for a few minutes, and then started to tilt to the left and then gradually dive to the left and disperse behind the trees. It is very hard to describe the feeling and the details of the craft. All I know that it was very big, oval and had a lot of light. When it finally moved, it was a quick decent but very smooth.


Burpengary, Queensland, Australia


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