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Burpengary, December 31 2005, midnight

Burpengary, December 31 2005, midnight

It has been a long time between any decent sightings for myself but at about two minutes past midnight on New Year’s Eve as I was looking in a westerly direction I observed a plane flying roughly west to east. At the same time I observed another object which at first I thought was another plane but then changed my mind when another two objects appeared, travelling in a southerly direction. All three objects were an orange colour and round in shape, their speed was fairly slow, I guess it would be in comparison to a light plane speed. The part of the sighting that really convinced me that I was not watching planes was that all the objects started dropping small lit objects that faded almost instantly, which ruled out night skydivers with lights, and they were also far too low for sky diving. Each object dropped approximately three smaller objects. Now the next part, which only myself witnessed and I’m still not too sure if I saw correctly, but I am pretty sure one of the smaller objects returned back upwards, and it lit up as it approached the main object. It all happened so fast which is why I am not too sure if that is what I actually saw. The objects’ height was approximately two fingers held out at arms length above houses and their position was somewhere between Burpengary and the hills at the back of Narangba. There were four other adult witnesses including a couple of serious sceptics and even they were convinced they had seen something out of the normal. The whole sighting lasted between 10-15 minutes before they went down too low for us to see.


Burpengary, Queensland, Australia


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