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Burleigh Heads, July 5 2008, 7.00pm

Burleigh Heads, July 5 2008, 7.00pm

I found your site on the web while looking for similar sightings to what I recently experienced and, since you invited sighting reports, I thought I might as well tell you what I saw just recently.

My partner and I were walking home along the path next to Burleigh Heads beach on Thursday 5 July 2008 at around 7.00pm. I looked up and saw a very bright star over the ocean and my partner looked up at it too. We both thought it was the planet Venus, which we have seen looking about as bright and large before.

The odd thing though was that the star started getting dimmer as we were watching, as though it was moving away from us. We both stood there watching as it just got dimmer and dimmer until it completely faded from view in a matter of a couple of minutes. We found it strange because previously it had been the brightest star in the sky and we could find no common sense explanation for how it would be so bright like a regular star and then just disappear like that, as if moving away from Earth very quickly.


Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia


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