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Buranda, July 3 2004, 7.45pm

Buranda, July 3 2004, 7.45pm

I have had a moderate amount of training on aircraft and can recognise most types at a glance including military aircraft.

At approximately 1945hrs tonight I was waiting at a red light near the PA hospital in Buranda, Brisbane. I saw three red lights [not like a/c lights but more like the glow from a hot turbo in a turbo prop at night], on one aircraft. I originally thought it was a chopper landing at the PA Hospital. As I saw it start a circuit near the hospital then realised it was completely black except for these three red areas.

It continued on a tight circuit, fairly quickly then did another. At this point the traffic light changed and I drove straight across to the second story of the car park at Buranda shopping centre and got out of the car. I was possibly 300 metres maximum away and I am sure the object was below 500 feet. At this point I realised that the object was not making any noise. Not even airflow noise. Considering the clarity of sound travel on dry cold air I should have heard something from its movement. It was actually fairly small, about the size of a large car, as I had the size of the hospital to compare it to once I had estimated its range.

It continued to loiter in the area for approximately 30 seconds when I started thinking it was possibly a remote controlled model plane and started looking for people controlling it, when it moved off towards the south west at fast speed. It yawed slightly so I was able to make out that it was a blunt delta shape but unable to place where the three red areas were located upon it as they seemed to be non-fixed points. It was very hard to observe due to its being so dark, not pitch black but completely matching the night sky behind it. It took approximately 15 seconds to make the horizon, and only one red area was visible, which appeared like a jet engine exhaust nozzle opening up, but again no sound was heard.

As I was elevated at the time on the second level of the car park, I would estimate the horizon at a minimum of 15 kilometres, which estimates to a speed of a kilometre a second or 3600 kilometres an hour. This is from an aircraft at low altitude and an almost idling start. There is nothing to match this performance that I know of.


Buranda, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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