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Bundamba, Wednesday April 4 2001, 1.20am

Bundamba, Wednesday April 4 2001, 1.20am

A woman was letting her dog out and saw a squashed [elliptical?] orange ball in a break in clouds to the west-northwest. It moved away and seemed to get bigger as it did so. The moon was not visible in the sky and this object looked bigger than the moon and was a deep bright orange. When the object was gone, the clouds were also gone and the stars were out. A relative to the woman living about 15km to the west was up that night trying to contact Europe and Africa on his ham radio. Conditions were expected to be poor because of solar activity. He operates at 11 metres and has a steerable directional antenna. At 1.08am he picked up very strong static at a bearing of 285-290 degrees, the general direction of the woman’s observation.


Bundamba, Queensland, Australia


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