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Bundaberg, Wednesday April 17 2002

Bundaberg, Wednesday April 17 2002

A man found 3 circles on the ground of a property he bought in Bundaberg. They were perfectly round and beside each other and appeared in grass. The circles eventually grew out. Soon after he awoke with unexplained bumps on his face under one of his eyes. When he got up they disappeared. On the same property he also found a circle on the bottom of a creek. The water was perfectly clear, about 2 feet deep with a slight tinge of orange to it. It was 3 feet in diameter.

Another incident occurred one and a half years ago when whilst standing behind the property shed he saw a big green light, described as the same green as a traffic light. It was the size of a car and only 10 metres above his head. It moved at about 4kms/hr, down the driveway and disappeared. His twin brother was also a witness to this incident. His mother has also seen a UFO at Mt Mee which appeared as a light that came straight for her.


Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia


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