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Bundaberg, mid 1980s [reported July 2003]

Bundaberg, mid 1980s [reported July 2003]

I have been harbouring this for some years now and I am trying to remember the year that I saw what I did. It was probably in the mid to late 1980s. I was in my backyard in Bundaberg Queensland and the time of the year was warm, possibly toward October/November. I was laying looking up at the clearest sky you have ever seen, not one cloud in sight. Then, literally out of the blue a white luminous disk shaped object appeared right above me. It was very high up [probably the distance you see jets]. It was travelling reasonably quickly, then another the same size appeared. This certainly got my attention. But before too long another appeared exactly the same as the two before it, then another two after the third. Five in total followed each other. They were all aligned evenly and travelling at an extremely rapid rate. I was frantic and yelled to my mother who was in the kitchen. The objects then disappeared one at a time in the same spot in the sky until the last one vanished. This experience has stayed with me very vividly to this day. It was definitely out of the norm of flying objects. It would be interesting to see if any other sightings of this kind were witnessed around this time.


Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia


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