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Bundaberg, Friday January 16 2004, evening

Bundaberg, Friday January 16 2004, evening

A man saw two green lights, one on each of his glass doors. He got up to investigate their source and saw another two green lights in the bush outside his house. When he turned his outside lights on the green lights disappeared, when he turned the house lights off the green lights reappeared. He described the lights as the same colour as green traffic lights and the size of a baseball. The lights shining on his glass sliding doors were flashing every second. His dogs were grumbling at the time but became quiet when he commanded them to do so.

He also reported a sighting previously when he had seen a green ball of light the size of a car glide silently over his shed which stood about 9 metres high. He estimated the object was about 15 metres high at the time and moving at about 3 to 4kms per hour. It travelled slowly down the driveway and continued to follow the driveway down to the creek and trees.


Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia


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