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Bundaberg area, 1974, 1981, 1985, [reported December 2004]

Bundaberg area, 1974, 1981, 1985, [reported December 2004]

1. 1974/75 on a turf farm. A man and his son were keen shooters and had heard that a fox was troubling some ducklings that lived on the farm dam. It was 7 or 8pm when they walked down to the dam and after some time the son had enough of waiting and returned to the house. The father stayed on and saw a bright yellow/blue saucer-shaped light about the size of a double-decker bus that appeared about 200 to 300 feet high on the other side of the roadway near the farm. He thought it was hovering somewhere over a field there and was silent the whole time. The light then lifted back up into the air, moved to the right then shot off at a fairly high speed.

2. In 1981 the man and his son were on a friend’s farm outside Bundaberg where they had been invited to go shooting. They were walking towards the river when they saw something they initially thought was a meteor about the size of a mini minor car. It came down one quarter of a mile in front of them, with no noise. They walked into a grove of trees near the river where they saw the object come down but nothing had been disturbed.

3. In September 1985 they visited their uncle’s farm at Wondoan. They had a vehicle they decked out in the back so they could sleep under the stars. It was Saturday at 5pm when they were on a bush track one mile in from the road. On the other side of the road was a cutting that ran north for a quarter mile then opened out into a big grass area where kangaroos were believed to gather, and was their destination. They had a powerful spotlight they were shining when the father looked up over his left shoulder and saw a huge bright object about the size of two houses and about 300 to 400 feet high. They continued with their shooting activities and the light followed them when they eventually drove back down to the station house.

As they were driving the lights of the vehicle went out. The object then dropped down to 200 feet or so and became very bright. By this time they were beginning to panic and decided to stay awake that evening to see what would happen. They turned the car around and faced the object and the father looked at it through the night vision scope of his rifle. He described it as an inverted soup bowl-shaped dome on the top which was about two thirds the size of the object. The bottom had a slight curve on it and was the other third of it. He could see a pattern of a diamond shape running through the object with orange and blue colours like that of the flames of an open fire. The patterns pulsated slightly. He and his son discussed what it might be and eventually his son slept while he stayed awake watching it. Seventy -five minutes later he woke his son to tell him that the object had begun to move. It moved away from them then went up into the sky, stayed there for three seconds before shooting off into the blackness. The next day the lights of their vehicle were tested by an auto electrician but there was nothing wrong with them. three or four days later the man and his son decided to sketch what they had seen separately to compare notes and found they had drawn exactly the same thing. He says he knows what he saw and is now convinced of the existence of UFOs.


Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia


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