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Bulimba, November 8 2007, 8.30pm

Bulimba, November 8 2007, 8.30pm

I was just out running and after about 30 mins of running, this is what I witnessed: Heading east up Brisbane Street in Bulimba, I was looking up at the sky (since I was running up a gradient). I looked to my left, and saw a whitish glowing light, with I thought two light sources of the same colour heading on a 45 degree angle towards the Earth. I thought it was a jet or plane crashing (the Airport and Port of Brisbane are to the east of my location) and waited for the flash over the horizon to signify the crash. When this didn’t occur I convinced myself it must have been a meteor or something similar. I kept running only to see, about 30-45 seconds later, a similar light heading from the direction the other had just travelled at a steep angle, back to my right and heading in the direction of Ipswich. This time the light was moving at a more regular angle to the Earth, but at a similar speed. It once again made no sound and after about 5 seconds disappeared. I can’t work out what else this could be, so for the moment, I am leaving it as a UFO. I am 24, male, and don’t do drugs. I was sober at the time, and though running, was not overly exerting myself. I stopped to watch the second appearance.


Bulimba, Queensland, Australia


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