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Browns Plains, June 16 2008, 1.04pm

Browns Plains, June 16 2008, 1.04pm

On Monday 16th June at around 1.04 pm I was looking WSW. I was at the IGA in Browns Plains and I looked up and saw a plane and it had a huge contrail. I had only made note because at 6.26am that day I had spotted a comet or near-Earth something going from a NNW to an ESE course. So I saw this plane trail and then I saw a white thing behind the plane, but I mean it was a long way behind the plane (in my estimation). I saw the plane as it got smaller and then the white thingy raced up to the plane — right near it from my point of view. Then it moved straight up above the plane and then just buggered off. I have it on my mobile phone but I didn’t see a thing when I played it back.


Browns Plains, Queensland, Australia


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