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Browns Plains, 2003 [reported April 2006]

Browns Plains, 2003 [reported April 2006]

In late 2003, October or November, at Browns Plains around 10.00am at night. I went out for a smoke as I regularly did of an evening when my two-year-old was asleep. My husband was working away and I was alone in the house. As I stood out by the clothesline and looked up I saw three red-orange lights at what I guess was around 10,000 feet. I often observed airport traffic in a regular flight path and visual identification was obvious. These lights were nothing like aircraft and were not even within the normal flight path. They were to the right of the Southern Cross, which in the night sky stands out always, and these lights were much larger and should not have even been there. As I watched, the lights began moving slowly and forming a triangular formation. I ran inside to grab the video camera, but when I tried to record I couldn’t see anything through the viewfinder. I realized it was too dark to pick anything up so I grabbed the camera, but the photos taken did not come out. I then phoned a friend in Sydney who I knew would take this seriously and be my only witness. The lights came closer, I estimated they were about 12 kilometres away. Four more lights appeared so that now seven were doing a dance in the night sky. They were bright orange-red as they lowered to the tree-line then disappeared below it, only to suddenly rise again in a perfect triangular formation that they held until at least 3000 feet. The lights, which were about the size of a ten cent piece at arms length, began to separate and move off in different directions. Then all the lights moved west to the ocean and then went blink, blink, GONE!! This continued until two were left. These lights just kept going until they disappeared in the distance. This sighting lasted about 20 minutes, and can be confirmed by my phone call to Sydney at the time of the incident. I rang Brisbane airport to see why the normal air traffic had not passed in the last half an hour and were there any anomalies on radar as I had seen some unusual lights, They assured me that all traffic was on normal schedule and that nothing unusual had been reported, Yet I knew that aircraft crossed at that time as I always observed it each night, yet no flights crossed the normal flight path during this whole experience. I then phoned the local police to see if others had reported this and they said no, so I left it at that.

One week later I had one confirmation that a local cabdriver’s son had seen strange lights on this same night. To add to this, two nights later after the first incident I went out at the same time and looked up and to my amazement there were two of the same lights in the same vicinity. They both moved off at a faster pace east than the previous encounter. One week later once again the same two lights went from above me to the east and disappeared. I am compelled to talk of this now as I only learned a few weeks ago of two other people having the same sighting at the same time in the same vicinity.

I also saw recently a boomerang shaped neon blue light crossing the sky at around 11.00pm. It was a full moon and the light was heading towards the moon at an altitude of around 30,000 feet. The light vanished quickly as though the bright moonlight was its camouflage. By visualizing a normal aircraft at this altitude I estimate that this craft was enormous, about the size of a football field.


Browns Plains, Queensland, Australia


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