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Browns Plains, 20 November 2012, 7.25pm

Browns Plains, 20 November 2012, 7.25pm

While walking with my family on our street, the sky was quite clear but due to street lights and house lights it was the usual suburban visibility. We witnessed three passenger jets with flashing lights and sound, and the usual delay of sound due to distance, and I was explaining to my children that if we watched where the sound was coming from and where the position of the jet was, then used the current position of the jet and watched the jet travel the same distance and count the time it took, we could calculate the speed of the jet with a degree of rough accuracy.

Anyhow, noticing how slow and small the jets were due to distance, there was suddenly a gap in the jets and no sound was heard. I then saw a bright object that was far brighter than any star and larger than Venus or Mercury, travelling from west to east. It was smaller than the jets (which were all heading roughly south), but its speed far exceeded the jets, eg. not blistering, but to move from the west to he east it took about 10 to 15 seconds . There was no sound, no blinking lights, just a perfectly consistent light white-yellow light. We watched it go into the distance toward Browns Plains/Marsden/Kingston way.

If I was not looking I would not have noticed the object. It was not a satellite or jet in my opinion – it was too fast, too low and had no sound. Simply awesome for whole family.


Browns Plains, Queensland, Australia


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