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Broadbeach, 1980

Broadbeach, 1980

After reading about the recent sightings on the Gold Coast area in the Gold Coast Sun newspaper, I am drawn to share mine and my husband’s experience so many years ago, which happened over Broadbeach. While completely unrelated to these recent sightings, and 22 years ago, it still seems like yesterday and gives us chills when describing it to others.

We were looking out the window of the Broadbeach house and noticed what looked like a falling star coming down east over the direction of the ocean. This ball of light did not die out like a falling star would — instead the brilliance of the light got stronger and we thought it was a plane turning. However, this thing actually stopped in mid-air. Literally stopped. A second or two later the ball got very bright and a second object came out of the original shape.

These objects started moving almost like they were dancing in mid-air, going up down and around each other. Within the next few seconds they starting doing an aerial display, and then together they took off with phenomenal speed out of sight. We ran outside as fast as we could but they had already vanished. We were so stunned we were trying to debunk what we had just seen.

There were no clouds in the sky -­ no beams of light coming from the ground. There were no planes around -­ definitely not ones that could do that speed. That was an insane speed. The colour was a yellowish glow.

This occurred around midnight around the 22nd of December. It was my birthday ­- we had not been partying and were not drinking at all.


Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia


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