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Brisbane, Sunday March 22 2009

Brisbane, Sunday March 22 2009

I found an anomaly in an image that I took just as a storm was about to hit Brisbane.

I work as a photographer and have taken thousands of images over the years and I have never seen this particular anomaly.
I shot two frames very close together and then two frames a few minutes later after noticing the anomaly. The second frame taken within seconds of the first shows hardly any of the white circles and the other shots have none.

The significant thing about the image as far as I’m concerned is not so much the circular shapes that make the image anomalous but the single fireball type object. The glowing object appears to have a vapour trail or some kind of tail. There is also a white meteor like streak going up that is interesting.

To me, this photograph is of note, simply because the many circular anomalies tend to make it easier to overlook the solid looking object that is harder to dismiss. What I mean to say is that the anomalies act as misdirection.
I checked the lens and it was perfectly clean as the other frames attest.

What do I think the circular apparitions are?

They look like lens flare but are not like any I have ever seen. They certainly are produced by something that is visible to the digital camera’s sensor. It reminds me of induction before a lightning strike, some kind of electrical effect, somehow the camera is picking up this field. The white circles appear to be on top of the image, rather than in it. But the fireball like object seems to be in the image.

I adjusted the curves and level to try to see more detail, which revealed that the circles contain differing luminance and chrominance values and in some instances appear to be positioned behind the buildings and are therefore much larger.
All I can say is that I have never pointed the camera at the sky a got such a mysterious image! I really think I’ve captured some kind of phenomena unknown to me at least!


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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