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Brisbane, Sunday April 2 2006, day

Brisbane, Sunday April 2 2006, day

Today 2/04/06 myself and my Spanish friend went to Southbank. We had decided to go to the lagoon as it was such a hot day. We were lying on the grass, I was looking into the clear blue sky when i noticed a star, or what appeared to be a star. It was so small, like a dot of silver in the sky, but moving not in a straight line like a plane, which my Spanish friend thought it was… and then it was joined by another “star” object, both kind of moving. Then the second one disappeared and the first one stayed for a while before it went. The time span from of this whole sighting must only have been a few minutes, maybe two or three. But we both saw these “stars” in broad daylight up against a bright blue sky. I saw a similar thing ten years ago in the UK, but it was at night. It was like two dancing stars, and they did the same thing, where one disappeared and the other danced around in the same area. These objects sometimes looked slightly red in colour.


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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