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Brisbane November 16 2008

Brisbane November 16 2008

I would like to report an object I filmed [above] on the 16/11/08, during the most destructive storm to hit Brisbane in 20 years. The object was filmed on a JVC camera mounted on a tripod with 5% manual zoom with the focus locked. The object appears from beside some palms around 200 metres away and rises up on a slight angle then more or less does a u-movement away to the south into a 40 knot head wind. This thing looked exactly like a dandelion seed or one of those round plasma balls. But due to the conditions I know it was impossible for a fluffy white seed to be floating around like that and in the available light my camera would not have picked it up this well.

I do believe this object is special and needs to be investigated. I have downloaded a clip of this object onto YouTube. If you would like to view the footage search for ‘rrmert’ and it is under a heading about a plasma ball.


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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