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Brisbane, May 19 2008, 9.27pm

Brisbane, May 19 2008, 9.27pm

I am writing to report a sighting of a flying object that I could not identify (there, I said it without that stupid acronym!). Well I never thought it could happen to me, but then life never ceases to surprise me. My family and I witnessed a spectacular flyby on the night of 19th May 2008 at approximately 9:27pm. We were watching a DVD and the TV screen was situated beneath a wide window that faces south. Suddenly a small light (somewhere between 1/10th and 1/3rd the size of a full moon (and much brighter than a full moon) appeared in the sky outside. It was travelling smoothly and quickly toward the south-west.

First it travelled in a straight line and seemed to also be descending toward the ground, and then it levelled out and continued south-west and leaped over the tree line in the distance over Oxley and whisked away out of sight in the south-west direction. It made no noise at all. It had a real presence. I leaped to the window straight away but it was gone. My wife was pretty freaked out by it for the next 24 hours.

Witnessing the event did not bother me, although I was very excited about it and I still am. No, what bothered me was that there has been no media coverage, and I have spoken to no one else yet who witnessed it. This was not a barely visible phenomena, it was bright and eye-catching like fireworks! You couldn’t mistake the fact that the object’s flight was purposeful and directed. There were at least three planes in the sky that I could see at the time. Somebody must have seen something!


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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