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Brisbane, March 24 2008, 7.00pm

Brisbane, March 24 2008, 7.00pm

I saw what I believe was a UFO on Monday 24 March 2008 while flying on a plane from Brisbane to Newcastle at approximately 7.00pm. It was still daylight, the flight had just taken off from Brisbane domestic airport and was flying south over Brisbane. I looked out the window and saw a sliver, metallic, wingless oblong-shaped object flying at a lower altitude than the plane that I was flying in (a B737). The UFO was travelling in a northerly direction parallel to the horizon. It didn’t look like a plane because of the speed at which it was travelling, at least three times as fast as a plane. I thought I’d report it in case someone else had seen it from the ground.

I’ve also seen a UFO from the lounge room of unit I was living in at Bowen Hills in Brisbane, in 1999 but didn’t report it earlier because I’ve only just found this website and organisation. My boyfriend and myself both saw an orange-pinkish oblong glowing object travel quickly in an upward direction. It had no noise. It was a partially cloudy day, but we both saw it travel across a clear part of the sky. It travelled behind a cloud so we could tell it wasn’t a reflection from the ground, then it reappeared from behind the cloud. But when it went behind another cloud and we were waiting for it come out the other side of the cloud, it disappeared. It was about the size of a 20 cent coin held at arms length.


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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