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Brisbane, June 29 2012, 2.45am

Brisbane, June 29 2012, 2.45am

I saw something strange while driving home from a friend’s house at 2:45am 6/4/2012, and thought I’d let you know. The object was appearing to hover, it had three lights — one red, one white, and a blue light that was blinking. I wrote it off at first as an airplane until I watched it. It seemed to hover for about three minutes, remaining stationary, then it moved very quickly inland, taking only two minutes to clear a large distance in a linear fashion. It kept lower than the domestic or international flights I’ve seen. I did a quick check to see if there were any flights due to depart or arrive at the Brisbane airport, both international or domestic, and there was one scheduled flight to leave at 2:30 which would have made the timing correct, but just to make sure I double checked and the flight was still boarding at the terminal. I tried to get a snapshot but it was blurred out by a streetlight unfortunately. As far as trajectory, the object headed in a northwest direction, and as an estimate I’d say it would have flown over or close by Crows Nest or Esk.


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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