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Brisbane, Friday June 13 2003, 7.30pm

Brisbane, Friday June 13 2003, 7.30pm

I would like to report a possible UFO sighting. At approximately 7:30pm on Friday 13 June 2003, while travelling south on the Southeast Freeway [the Captain Cook Bridge part], I saw what appeared to be an unusual object in the sky. At first I thought it might be a low-flying plane, as it was roughly triangular in configuration and had flashing white and red lights, but upon closer inspection I could see that it was not a conventional aeroplane. It was definitely triangular in shape [indeed, I could see a dark outline which was definitely triangular], and had two white lights at its ‘rear’ and one red light up each ‘side’ — perhaps two-thirds of the way from the rear to the tip. It is worth observing that as it appeared to be roughly an equilateral triangle, it was impossible to determine where the ‘front’ was: I took the rear to be the side nearest to me, as this allows the light scheme to be symmetrical about its ‘spine’ [i.e. front-to-rear axis]. The lights flashed in sequence: the two white lights together, then the two red, then the white, and so on.

I first saw the object between buildings, just to the left of the building to the left of the Executive Building [from the perspective of the freeway southbound]. My fiancé, who was in the front passenger seat, saw it on my prompting just to the left of the Executive Building [as did I], and we both managed to get a very clear view after clearing the line of trees near the River Stage and as we passed over the Brisbane River. The object, which seemed very large and very low, appeared to be hovering over the Kangaroo Point side of the river, pointing downriver [again assuming the hypothetical ‘front’]. It did not appear to be moving, and if it was, it moved only fractionally. Given that the car was moving at the time, fractional movement of the object may have been obscured. As it appeared to be in the vicinity of Kangaroo Point, my fiancé and I agreed to drive to the top of the cliff there and get a better look from outside the car. Along the way, my fiancé described the closest approximation to what she thought the object might be: she suggested a low-flying stealth bomber. Both the darkness of the object and its shape made this a plausible guess, but the rear definitely appeared as a flat edge to me, and not ridged or bumpy as with stealth bombers. I took particular notice of the rear of the object as I was trying to compare the pattern of the lights to that of an aeroplane, and the white lights were emitted from the rear side.

We reached the cliff at 7:34pm, by which time the object was no longer visible. We checked the view from the cliff thoroughly, in case we had seen a fixed object and mistaken it for a flying object. The only possible candidate we could see was a pair of lit cranes atop a high-rise. However, these were on the city side of the river, and we were both quite sure that we saw the object on the Kangaroo Point side.

To be as thorough as possible in our observation, we decided to cover our ground a second time, to see if the object was still visible, or if we had indeed mistaken a fixed landmark for a UFO. On the second drive down the Captain Cook Bridge, this time at roughly 7:50pm, the object was no longer visible. We saw the two cranes on several occasions, and determined quite clearly that these could not have been what we witnessed. Indeed, no fixed landmark corresponded. This supports my knowledge of the view across from the bridge to the cliff, which did not feature any such object as recently as the previous Monday night when I last travelled that way.

During the drive we observed many conventional aeroplanes, noting that none matched the light pattern, the low altitude or the flight path of the unidentified object. My fiancé also noted that she was surprised by the lack of any sound accompanying the object, which she would have expected from a conventional aeroplane flying that low.

It is difficult to determine how large or low the object was, but it was certainly not small [it appeared as large as a large, low, yellow full moon would], and was perhaps 500m to 1km downriver from the Captain Cook Bridge — it certainly appeared closer to us than to the Story Bridge. This is assuming it was indeed near the river: due to limited perspective through a car windscreen, it is possible that it may have been further over land, and consequently further out. Its altitude is also dependent on this flaw in perspective, but it appeared to be hovering comparatively low for an airborne object over that area. It cleared such structures as the AAPT building, but not by a substantial degree.


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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