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Brisbane , February 7 2005, 10.25pm

Brisbane , February 7 2005, 10.25pm

Facing the north, at about 20 degrees from the vertical, I saw a series of what appeared to be star-size and brightness objects travelling across the sky. They were coming from the north and as they tracked due south they gradually disappeared [dimmed]. There were about six points of light. In terms of distance between them, if you consider the stars that make up what is commonly know as the handle of the big saucepan, they were approximately that far apart.

They took about five seconds to move a distance of about a quarter of the sky. I have watched hundreds of aircraft on my deck and whilst in the pool; they were so much faster than anything I have ever seen before, including the F111’s that occasionally pass overhead. There was absolutely no sound. It was like watching a large satellite, the ones that pass overhead and gradually disappear as they lose reflection from the sun. These things however moved at an enormous speed and there were up to six of them that gradually faded. I tried to get my wife to see them but I wasn’t quick enough.

They cannot have been low-flying aircraft as they were too fast and I would have heard the roar. If they were high flying aircraft then they shouldn’t have been flying that fast. If they were our satellites, then it is the first I have heard of them flying in close formation as a fleet. The distance was too far apart to be a single object at that height.

There were no flashing lights and the lights faded as if they were passing away from the reflection of the sun. I am intrigued. I have gone over this event in my head a dozen times trying to find a logic to this in terms of what we have up there that can do that. Do you have any suggestions? I don’t doubt what I saw as it was a clear as crystal.


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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