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Brisbane, December 31 2008, 2.30am

Brisbane, December 31 2008, 2.30am

I was in Brisbane city, at the Jade Buddah restaurant. It was 2:30am and I was standing at the upper outdoor area looking out into the sky (Story Bridge ahead of me). The sky was fairly illuminated for that time of night (I’ve tried to represent this in the attached mockup image [below right]) so it wasn’t as though I had any difficulty seeing the object.

The object I saw was blue-grey in colour, very similar in colour to the sky behind it. It looked solid in the same way you can distinguish that a plane is solid from the sky behind it. It did not contrast very much with the sky behind it. It was not shiny, but had more of a matte finish. It didn’t have any other distinguishing details, but the shape of it was easy to make out. The upper section looked to be half a sphere, with the middle section looking like a saucer shape, larger and blown out in the middle. The lower part of the object was a curved/half sphere shape (smaller than the upper section).

It appeared at the top of my peripheral vision and slowly made its way down and into the background until it became a tiny dot and finally disappeared. It looked to be travelling extremely fast, though the way it was moving was extremely smooth as though the speed it was moving at was constant. Three to four seconds may not sound like a lot, but it seemed like a very long time while I had the object within my vision.

It did not look like anything I have ever seen in the sky before. I’d like to stress that I got an extremely good look at whatever it was and there was no way I was mistaking this for a plane or anything similar.


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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