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Brisbane, December 27 2004 [reported November 2006]

Brisbane, December 27 2004 [reported November 2006]

This took place on 27th December 2004 just after night fell on the Brisbane River. I did report it to several online UFO research sites, but I have only just found your site. My wife, my two youngest children and I had just boarded the Pacific Sky cruise ship for a New Year cruise of the South Pacific. We were standing out on the deck waiting for the ship to sail, and I was looking over the railings along the Brisbane River towards the sea [east]. Just then, a light caught my eye at about 60 degrees elevation heading towards the airport. It wasn’t a plane. It travelled an arc of about 30-40 degrees northwards, looking more like a cross between a meteor and a satellite, except that it appeared to slow a little as it disappeared behind a cloud. It re-emerged a split second later travelling in the opposite direction and slightly downwards. That’s when I got interested. This time, it seemed to peter out after another 30-40 degrees southwards, but I could still see the object very faintly as it once again came to a very quick stop and reversed. This time it travelled back towards the airport and disappeared once again behind the cloud. It didn’t reappear. I’ve never seen a plane, satellite or meteor do two almost 180-degree turns like that, and the speed seemed way too fast for a plane or satellite, and not quite as fast as a meteor. I felt sure that other people would have seen it too, but on checking for reports when we returned from our cruise, I found none.


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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