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Brisbane City, October 25 2002, 1.00pm

Brisbane City, October 25 2002, 1.00pm

Whilst waiting for my wife to alight from the river ferry at Eagle Street Pier in the city centre at 13.00 I was looking up at the tall buildings and noticed a bright white round ball or disc slowly moving from southeast to northwest. The size of the disc would be approx 2mm at arms length. There was no cloud when first observed to reflect from the object. As it passed overhead some very high thin cirrus cloud passed underneath the object and obscured it slightly. This high cloud was passing in the opposite direction to the object. My estimation of the altitude would be between 20,000-30,000 feet. As the object emerged from the cirrus cloud it appeared to wobble slightly and the surface went grey and white for about two or three minutes The Sun was obstructed by the high buildings, but was very close to the object which did not give the same shadow profile if you were observing an aircraft. As an aviation enthusiast I am always looking at aircraft at various altitudes and this did not fall into any category that I have seen in the past. If it was a meteorological balloon, I believe it would have looked different.


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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