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Brisbane City, 28 January 2009, 9.00pm

Brisbane City, 28 January 2009, 9.00pm

I never thought I’d be doing or saying this but last night my girlfriend and I saw a UFO flying over the Brisbane CBD.

We were walking through Southbank at about 9.00pm, past South Brisbane railway station, and saw that a circular shape, pale white in colour, was moving in a perfect straight line in the direction of Mt Coot-tha. It was too low to be ‘in space’ and not bright enough to be a satellite or a shooting star … at any rate, it was too big to be these things. I don’t know its height, so I can’t say how fast it was travelling, but it traversed the horizon in a matter of seconds.

There were no bright lights on it at all, which means (as far as I understand it) it can’t be a plane, and it made no noise either.

We were both very shocked and ran to the car and drove home immediately, and I still can’t believe I saw what I saw… and the fact that my girlfriend saw the exact same thing makes it even more disturbing.

I’m a paralegal, and will be a lawyer in November – and my girlfriend is a university student from a family of conservative academics… so this was totally out of our realities.


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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