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Brisbane Central 30th of Nov 2018

Brisbane Central 30th of Nov 2018

UFO visited 30th of Nov 2018, midnight. I took a video and photos with my Apple iPhone 5C at btw 1:48am-1:55am. I walked out from apartment to the balcony when I had (phyosis), as soon as I opened door in balcony. I  looked to the sky and saw 2 weird white lighting things in the sky in front of my eye. So I quickly used my phone to take pics and called my partner to came and look together. My partner saw what I saw as well and suddenly my partner wasnt looking like her and said to me,”you needed it to stand up for yourself.” After I asked my partner whether she said this to me before or after we walked back to the house, she said to me she didn’t say it, but she did havbe this thought, and she did remember she saw this with me. That is a very weird thing to say. I think I am not crazy as really 2 of us saw it. This is amazing as it was the fourth time I saw this since 2014. I believe we are not alone in this world because there are so many things waiting for us to discover and everything that comes to us must has some meaning.


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