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Brisbane, April 22 2012, night

Brisbane, April 22 2012, night

I am writing to you about a UFO sighting witnessed by me and two others on the night of 22nd April 2012. I was outside in the backyard for some fresh air and gazing at the stars as it was a clear night. I had been looking at the stars and watching planes fly over the house for an hour when I decided I had had enough. Getting up I notice a plane coming from the north, like they been all night, and decided to wait and watch it fly over. Then I proceeded to fold up the chair and took one more look north. There in the distance, just right of the flight path, was a blue pulsating light. No other light could be seen, just a blue light. I knew straight away that what I was seeing was unique, so I ran inside to grab my partner and her 13 year old son. By the time we had got back outside the object was almost over the top of the house and we could see clearly that the blue light was as bright as an LED light. It was very bright and very rich in colour. We also noted that the light was reaching down, then back up to the blackness of the sky, then reappearing again, and doing this in an irregular pattern. The light was moving at a medium speed over our heads when it disappeared and then reappeared on the left side of the flight path, heading south. It then continued travelling south towards Brisbane.

I noticed at this stage that there where no planes to be seen in the sky, nor could my partner see any. This was unusual as it had been very busy with planes only five minutes earlier. (From my house I can see planes coming in for landing from the north and southside of Brisbane). The blue object continued on its course until it was about three quarters of the way between us, Brisbane and the Airport, when it changed course only slightly southeast. It didn’t change speed and headed down the coast line.

By this stage it was getting hard to see in the distance. I grabbed my night vision monocular that I had been using for star gazing. I was able to watch it for a further 30 seconds to a minute more before it faded out of sight. My partner and son went back inside, and I stayed just in case it came back. Another five minutes went by when I heard a faint sound in the distance that got louder then faded away. Then the same sound again. I knew that noise because I had heard it many time before — the sound of a fighter jet or jets. you can’t mistake that sound.

Once again I ran inside and grabbed my partner. We listened and then heard the sound of fighter jets. Still nothing could be seen in the skies. Not one plane. We looked for a while longer when I spotted a light over Brisbane that appeared to be circling the city. And there was another circling what I believe was where the airport is. This went on for awhile, then the planes took off out to sea. Then the first passenger plane since this started flew over our house, but from the east to west. When I looked to where it was headed I noticed a few more planes out that way. Another ten minutes went by, then one after another, north to south on the same flight path as earlier, the planes flew over the house. They were no more then one minute apart. Maybe five to six passenger planes, and at the very last a smaller propeller plane. At the same time we could see them coming in from the south side of Brisbane. This started around 9.00pm till about 10.00 that night.

I stayed up until 3.00am in the morning watching the ABC News and looking on the Internet expecting to see a report on what we had witnessed. But nothing, not one thing!

There must have been other people who saw this blue light. And there is also the issue of aviation safety that we as the general public are not being told. This object had no right being in the flight path of passenger planes without the right aviation lights. It’s against the law isn’t it? I know why they would keep it quiet too, because it has made me think twice about flying if our own government has no control over our skies.


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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