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Brisbane Airport, Saturday February 28 2004, 8.10pm

Brisbane Airport, Saturday February 28 2004, 8.10pm

A man reported seeing an object shaped like an upturned banana hovering over the Brisbane Airport. On each tip of the object was a glow of yellow light. The object itself was silvery in colour. It remained stationery over the airport for approx 2 mins, then took off vertically up into the sky extremely fast [much faster than a jet] before disappearing into cloud.

This caller also reported a sighting at Tully on 27th May 1992 in the evening. He was standing with his brother on his brother’s property which bordered a canefield, when they looked down the road and saw what they initially thought was a vehicle coming towards them. They soon discovered it wasn’t on the road but in the air about 300 to 500′ above them. It was a typical disk shape and had 2 oblong portholes on the front that had a yellow glow in them being emitted from inside the craft. The craft was about 30′ in diameter and let off a white vapour, then disappeared in a shower of red and green sparks. They observed the craft for about 5 minutes. It made no noise. His wife also observed a “leviathan” with purple and blue lights on it hovering over Mt Mackay the same evening.


Brisbane Airport, Queensland, Australia


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