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Brisbane Airport, June 20 2001, 6.00pm

Brisbane Airport, June 20 2001, 6.00pm

Working at the airport. Saw an object around the size of my thumb. Brilliant white with blue-orange cinder type objects flying off. Started seeing the object at around 40-50 degrees elevation reference the horizon. Continued to burn until a small orange object remained around the size of a ‘screw head’. This ball continued until around 3-5 degrees from horizon. Sound was herd similar to aircraft wake turbulence and distant rumble. Thinking back this could have been aircraft in the vicinity of airport, not sure. But quite big, brilliant light and did not completely burn up in atmosphere. Total time of event around 10 seconds. Sound occurred around 5 seconds after loosing the object. Several aircraft in the area did report to air traffic control about the item.


Brisbane Airport, Queensland, Australia


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