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Brisbane, 5 July 2010, 3.00pm

Brisbane, 5 July 2010, 3.00pm

I saw a very bright white light hovering today at approximately 3.00pm. I was in Queen Street mall and it was in line with Albert St. It was stationary for the three odd minutes I was there (it was there when I arrived), then it went in a west-north-west direction, losing its glow. It was glowing intermittently as it moved, but most of the time it was moving it was invisible. The rest of the time it was a small black speck or faint light, as if it were many kilometres away. That’s the interesting thing, given that seconds before it was a very large, extremely intense constant glow that never wavered in intensity or movement. The sun was directly over the top of it so it could have been reflection, but helicopters don’t have straight or large roofs. The size of the glow seemed out of proportion to the size of the object when leaving. The sky behind it was clear and bright. The sun was white and not yellowish.


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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