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Brighton, Vic, 2002-2004, reported June 18 2008

Brighton, Vic, 2002-2004, reported June 18 2008

I chanced upon your website today as I was thinking about an incident I witnessed a few years ago but never reported, and decided to see if I could find any other reports about it. I wish I could remember the date, but the best I can do is say it was somewhere between September 2002 and April 2004. It was a Saturday night and would have been somewhere between September to April of one of those years as it was not a cold night.

I was in Bay Street Brighton (a bayside suburb of Melbourne) and my husband and I were walking after being out for dinner. In the sky we saw a number of moving lights in formation. Each one seemed to have a red and green light, and in total were five ‘objects’. They were moving in a V-formation with one in the lead. They moved very swiftly, noiselessly, and changed direction across the sky abruptly and several times, which made me sure it was not an object “falling”. The lights were very bright and the whole spectacle was quite obvious. They were visible for about five minutes then took off quickly toward the east. There are a number of restaurants and bars in the street and there were quite a lot of people outside looking at the sky at this point, so I know there were a number of witnesses and I have always been surprised that I never heard any reports about it (but then again, I didn’t report it either!). A group of people stopped us and a girl asked us “what do you think that was?” to which my husband replied “I’m tipping UFO!” Unfortunately he was joking as he thinks it was ‘some kind of meteor’. Personally I don’t believe it could be, due to the way the lights seemed to move and were not falling. I could believe some kind of experimental aircraft but it did not move like a conventional plane. If it was a helicopter, it made no such noise.


Brighton, Queensland, Australia


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