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Bright white light Very Fast !

Bright white light Very Fast !

I was sitting by the open window, smoking (cigarette) no drugs involved here I am 65… looking at only 2 stars in the sky, when suddenly looking out the window, sitting on a chair with wheels, I saw a very very bright white light, approximately 3 feet above next door neighbours antenna… it moved just too fast to get a description. Like a fat eagle with short wings and short tail and not much head…is the only way I can describe it… I immediately rolled back in my chair on wheels to get another glimpse of it past my window view, but it was already gone out of site. It happened so quickly I cannot describe it…. I know it was not a shooting star I don’t think it was a meteor heading somewhere above queensland I HAVE NEVER seen anything thing so bright move so fast in the skies in my life… Only once did I see an orange bright round orb the sze of an orange move past my window as a 13 year old child… it lit up my bedroom, like someone had turned the light on while I was in bed, got up to see it and it was gone.. this was back in Melbourne… I KNOW what I saw, but it was so fast moving I can hardly describe details.

My family and friends say maybe it was a car….. yeah up in the sky? moving that fast ? I don’t think so…


Australia, Queensland, Leichhardt, 4305


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