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Bridgeman Downs, 5 June 2010, 3.00am

Bridgeman Downs, 5 June 2010, 3.00am

I cannot believe I am writing this here, but last night my life changed. I have seen lights in the sky once that we thought were odd, but usually shrugged it off. Last night at three am I got up for a night-time visit to the bathroom. On my return to my bedroom I looked out over the city to the north. I live in Bridgeman Downs.

In the night sky I saw something that looked like a star or a very bright helicopter. It looked odd. At first I thought a helicopter was coming at us, but it was too close. None of the parameters fitted.

I rubbed my eyes, but I couldn’t see the chopper. The light then dropped altitude rapidly and I realized it was much higher than I thought. It fell downwards erratically, changed direction oddly and rapidly, and then shot off over the horizon. There is no aircraft on this planet that could move with those parameters. Angels, UFO’s. I don’t know, but it was not human…


Bridgeman Downs, Queensland, Australia


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