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Bray Park, Saturday August 25, 2.10am

Bray Park, Saturday August 25, 2.10am

My girlfriend and I live at Bray Park on Brisbane’s north side. We were woken by noisy neighbours and were looking out of our bedroom window (looking toward west) to see what the noise was about.

We saw two very bright orange objects in the sky with very fuzzy or blurred edges. They were round in shape and appeared not to be moving at first. They looked to be side by side, but were separated by some unknown distance because it was hard to tell how far away they were. We first thought planes or helicopters but they moved very differently. The one on the right began to drop below the one on the left, and then came up on the other side of it. They both then started to go what appeared to be up and toward the western horizon. As they went they separated and started to flash intermittently. The one on the right slowly faded out, but the one on the left began to head east and appeared very faint giving the impression it was very high. It kept going east until it disappeared. The time was 2.10am.


Bray Park, Queensland, Australia


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