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Bray Park, April 1 2011

Bray Park, April 1 2011

My nine-year old son took this pictures [below] from our home in Bray Park, during a storm on April 1st 2011. I was reluctant to send itin, as I had already reported a strange “Vanishing Star” to UFORQ on 20th February. Anyway, at the risk of being a frequent flyer, I hope you find these interesting.

When I downloaded these images to my PC, I noticed two strange objects in the first photo: a white speck near the green street lamp and a dark shadow between the telephone poles. They are gone in the second photo. I wasn’t there then my son took them, but from the jpeg data the images seem to be ten seconds apart.

We get a lot of commercial aircraft approaching from the that part of the sky, however, when they appear as small as this, they are still very far away, and seem to hang there motionless for a few minutes at least. They certainly wouldn’t seem to move much in 17 seconds. I tried using free image enhancement software to de-blur the pictures myself, but I got nowhere.


Bray Park, Queensland, Australia


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