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Bowen Hills, Friday April 24 2009, 6.25pm

Bowen Hills, Friday April 24 2009, 6.25pm

Whilst walking to my car heading west down Taylor St, I looked up and noticed a boomerang-shaped object. It was very faint and had approximately six or seven lights in a wide ‘V’ formation. The object travelled from north to south and would have passed just to the west of the CBD. The boomerang shape was barely visible against the dark sky. The sighting lasted 10 seconds as craft went behind houses in the street. The street was quiet and dark (no cars), and no sound could be heard from object. No distance, height, speed or size was discernable as there was nothing to reference it against. I just got the impression it was flying at normal airplane speeds if it was aircraft sized.


Bowen Hills, Queensland, Australia


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