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Boronia Heights, Monday November 1 2009, 10.00pm

Boronia Heights, Monday November 1 2009, 10.00pm

Approximately four to six weeks ago I saw something in the night sky I can’t explain…and last night I saw it again. I have attached pictures of it for you. Here goes…

When I first saw it weeks ago, at first I thought it was a plane or hot air balloon on fire, but it was absolutely silent. It did not have any wings or tail or lights, and it was moving incredibly slower than any plane or “meteorite” I have ever seen. As it got closer I could clearly see it was an almost perfect circular shape, except for an occasional and very, very slight and momentary change in shape that was the visual result of the glow coming from within it. The “burning” appearance was almost phosphorescent-looking, and it looked like it was radiating intense heat. The best I can describe it is to say it was like a flare — except it wasn’t falling, it was travelling very slowly in a horizontal direction through the air, and it was a mixture of bright oranges and reds — not blues or greens like a flare and, like I said, it wasn’t falling and it didn’t “burn out”. Visually, it was about the size of a 10 cent piece when closest.

It appeared from the south, moved slowly in my direction until it was almost directly overhead, and then moved away slowly in a west /south-westerly direction, but its change in direction was so slow, I couldn’t see it was moving away until well after the change in direction was made. The first sighting (four to six weeks ago) was approximately 7.30-8.00pm at night.

When I saw it again last night — and it was exactly the same as the first time in every detail — it was about 10.00pm at night. And here’s the thing — last night it followed the exact same path it took the first time!

Surely someone else has seen it!? I live in Boronia Heights, in the Logan area of Brisbane. Can you please tell me if you know of anyone else who has seen it and/or what it might be?? I am now armed and ready with my video camera and I will send you anything I can get.


Boronia Heights, Queensland, Australia


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