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Booval, early 1970s [reported July 2003]

Booval, early 1970s [reported July 2003]

I thought you may be interested in a sighting that occurred in the early 70’s. I used to live at Green Street, Booval, Queensland [I have since moved to England as my father died of unknown causes in his sleep in 1972]. I attended the Silkstone State School. We were giving a school performance of dancing in the school hall. The audience of parents were some what distracted by a formation of three dancing lights in the sky. The lights where larger than the stars. When they had finished their show they shot off in different directions at great speed. I know this is sketchy but I have a fairly sparse memory of the events as I was only 10 at the time. My mother, who is now 65, has a full memory of the sighting. I do remember the adults having a meeting in one of the classrooms to discuss what they had seen. It was a topic for discussion whenever my family and friends got together. I have had other sightings here in England over the past few years. Nothing so odd as the dancing balls.


Booval, Queensland, Australia


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