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Booloumba Creek, July 10, 2011, 2.00pm

Booloumba Creek, July 10, 2011, 2.00pm

I just wanted to report an unidentified flying object while driving down Booloumba Creek road on Sunday July 10th 2011, at approximately 2:00pm.

As my girlfriend and I were driving, a silver object catching a lot of reflection from the sun was completely visible on a perfect and cloudless day. Jokingly I said to my girlfriend, “hey there’s a UFO,” thinking it was a plane. When we realised the object wasn’t moving left or right we thought that it must be coming towards us, though it really just looked like it was hovering. While it looked to be stationary in the sky we were able to make out that it was definitely a silver elliptical shaped object roughly two to three times higher than the hills we were surrounded by. Trying to gauge its distance, it looked to be just over the range from where we were. As it was reasonably close and at a fairly low altitude, we were able to see that the object was definitely bigger than a Cessna airplane. At this point my girlfriend said it had disappeared when in fact the object just got smaller, which I related to it moving away from us. Then it shot down and up (like the Nike swoosh) at an amazing speed which I can’t compare to anything I’ve ever experienced. All up the experience only lasted about 10 seconds. We spent the next half hour comparing what we saw to birds and airplanes. This was truly a UFO and it was like nothing we’ve ever seen before.


Booloumba Creek Road, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia


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